Gallbladder cleanse program

What is a gallbladder?

A gallbladder is a small organ above the liver. The main function of the gallbladder is bile deposit and concentration. The bile is a bitter fluid with alkaline pH, produced by liver. It has a light brown, yellow or green color.

What are gallbladder’s functions?

The gallbladder collects the bile which is assisting mostly with the fat and protein digestion. Besides that, bile is maintaining a healthy fat level in the blood and what’s the most important- helps to remove toxins from the liver and keeps colon away from the most harmful pathogenic microbes.

What is a gallbladder dysfunction?

The normal bile production is 1 quart a day. Not regular or inappropriate eating, fatty or fat-less food, chronic liver and colon decease, constipation, gastritis etc.- all these illnesses are leading to abnormal bile production. It causes bile stones growth. The gallstones are congesting the bile duct which affects digestion in general, creates constipation, bad breath, acne and much more different symptoms, causes pain and maybe a reason for an operation for a gallbladder removal!

What is a gallbladder cleanse?

The gallbladder cleanse is a program that takes 1 week and includes a specific diet plan, mineral water, herbal supplements and, includes a few colonic sessions.

Why do we need a gallbladder cleanse?

As soon as a gallbladder is full of old, concentrated and not effective bile, it goes into the blood and makes it extremely toxic and even poisoning the whole body. If it won’t be prevented on time the process of the gallbladder dysfunction transforms into a chronic stage when the old bile turns into gallstones. The gallbladder cleanse removes old bile, bile sand and bile stones from the gallbladder and helps prevent a plenty of health problems

Why would you need a colonic (colon cleanse or colon irrigation) during gallbladder cleanse?

Colonic is an important or even necessary part of any cleanse. It removes bile, stones and toxins from the gallbladder after they are proceeding into a gastro-intestinal tract (duodenum, small intestine and then colon). It prevents all the toxins from reabsorbing into the blood stream from the colon and helps avoid any side effects of cleanse.

Why a gallbladder cleanse has to be supervised by a natural health practitioner?

It is a serious procedure that can possibly have some side effects which you may prevent if it will be under professional control. You may need to have an access to 24 hour consulting with your practitioner depending on how you feel during your cleanse.

Please ask our health practitioner about our Miracle gallbladder cleanse and save your time and make yourself healthier! You may contact us at any time with any questions you have. Just remember-we are here to help you with all the knowledge and experience that we have!