Our Colonic Clinic

Our Clinic

The Back to Balance Clinic was opened in September 2006 to fulfill a much needed professional service in the area of Detox treatments & Colon hydrotherapy.
Our commitment to excellence, high professional standards, and the unique methods, makes Back to Balance Colonic Clinic unique and the leader provider of colonic in Toronto.

Since 2006 we have administered over 8,000 treatments to some 2,000 clients.

Our team

Our therapists are highly educated from prestigious European medical universities and have specialized training and experience in a variety of disciplines:

Alla Sydorchenko  Dermatologist (Europe), Certified Colon Hydro Therapist (Canada)
Viktoriya Butriy  DOMP, Certified CH Therapist, Member of Alternative Medicine Association
Maia Nosenkis  Neurologist (Europe), Certified Acupuncturist (Canada)
Galina Gorfinkel  Dermatologist (Europe), H.B., S.C. (Canada)
Vlad Tchernomordin  DHMC

Our philosophy

Restore balance and health using the best of traditional and alternative medicine.

Why is our colonic clinic different?

  • Our colonic equipment is up to date edge technology, built in Canada to exacting standards in Canada.
  • There are 6 ultra modern, well equipped treatment rooms with private facilities in two different locations.
  • Our Colon Therapists are all female high educated, experienced and caring, who have undertaken extensive training & certification in the area of Colon Hydrotherapy.
  • Infection Control Policies and Quality Assurance policies and procedures are strictly adhered to and maintained at the highest possible level for all clients of our clinic and staff.
  • All speculum kits are sterile, prepacked, disposable and FDA approved.
  • Our Rectal Nozzles are pencil thin and also sterile, prepacked, disposable and FDA approved.
  • Ultra filtrated water, at body temperature is gently introduced into the bowel (gravity and pressure in same unit).
  • Our waste is disposed of in accordance to strict contaminated waste regulations.