Colonic for weight loss

Colonic is one of the few really effective procedures for weight loss.
A slim body is every man's dream. This is not only beautiful and fashionable, but also allows you to feel healthy. However, it is not always the common methods, such as diet or exercise that give best the result.

Usually, a person of normal weight, healthy, uncontaminated intestine, and does not suffer from constipation or intestinal disorders, his diet is balanced... But who among us can brag about their health diet? We have a snack on the go, fast food, drink a lot of pop, which has the chemical constituents; we love to eat before going to bed, and certainly, a lot. It is no secret that many of us neglect exercise, sleep, process and overwork, abuse drugs, strong tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Together, all these factors can not affect our health, and in the first place - the health of our intestines. Point is, in time the colon wall will clog with food exchange, died epithelium, old stool, and as a result, the metabolism in disfunctioned. This accumulation occurs over the years. In this case, the diet will be ineffective, and the sport will only deplete the body, not to lose weight.


Hydrotherapy allows with only cleansing from fecal deposits to lose at a time from 3 to 10 kg, depending on your age and body type. Hydrotherapy reduces appetite, reduces waist size by one inch after the first procedure and improves emotional state. When many body functions are working proprely, the person becomes more attractive and socially active.
Hydrotherapy completely cleans all parts of the large intestine.

The reduced weight comes right on two fronts:

First direct removal of feces and sediment from the gut, the effect is observed immediately after the procedure. Weight reduction lasts a long time, since the process of growth of deposits is very long.
Second purgation with normal metabolism. The greater the number of good bacteria, the more effective is the digest writing, getting more vitamins and minerals.


Colon hydrotherapy is carried out only in combination with other methods.
Programs for individual indicates verbose a colonic, supplements and diet adjustments.
Initially, the body is cleaned by laving the colon; it immediately gives a decline of a few pounds, and most importantly a surge of strength and energy.
Proper nutrition in combination with taking good bacteria helps restore normal metabolism, which also helps to get less fat from food.
Sports load will force burn your own fat, bringing you into shape.

Colon hydrotherapy is very effective for weight loss, although you shouldn’t, hope that after the first session you will receive maximum weight reduction. Due to the removal of fecal deposits, 2-6 treatments on weight almost won’t influence how much weight you lose because there are about 20% of deposits. And most importantly do not forget that this is only one component of a large complex, so you should eat right and follow the developed program.