Candida cleanse program

What is this-Candida (yeast) infection?

Candida (Candida albicans) is a fungal infection (mycosis) of any of the Candida species (all yeasts), of which Candida albicans is the most common.
Candida is a microscopic fungus. Normally, candida lives on the healthy human skin; also it is a part of a balanced colon, mouth and vaginal microflora. There are more than 80 different type of Candida, but only 10 clinically important types. Candida yeast is presents in every one of us from the birth. Its normal growth is controlled by friendly bacteria called Acidophilus. The Candida overgrowth may transform into a candida or yeast infection.

What is candidiasis (candida or yeast infection)?

Candidiasis is an infection disease, caused by microscopic fungus type Candida. Candida infection mostly affects skin and mucosa lining of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract. The Candida infection is caused by Candida (Candida albicans) overgrowth.

What is a reason for Candida overgrowth?

The are a few different reasons,but the most of them are related to immune system dysfunction and dysbacteriosis. Dysbacteriosis,in the same time, may be caused by some chronic disease or the long term of antibiotic or hormones intake.
There are many other different factors that may lead to candida overgrowth, like inappropriate working or living conditions, stress, irregular diet etc.

What are the risk factors of Candida (yeast) infection?

-the low immune function, chronic disease, cancer, AIDS
-antibiotics or hormones intake
-vaginal or Gastro Intestinal dysbacteriosis
-the birth control pills
-intestinal parasites
-alcohol and drugs consumption

The types of Candida infection

Most of all, Candida affects skin and mucosal lining. But some time it can also affect the internal organs. It is the most common side effect of severe immune system disorders, such an AIDS.
There are a few different types of Candida (yeast) infection, based on its location: vaginal candida infection,oral, nails, skin, colon, urinary and general systemic candidosis.

The intestinal (colon) type of Candida infection

Intestinal yeast infection is a type of disbacteriosis that caused by fungus Candida. The intestinal Candida normally presents into the bowel without any diseases. Normal intestinal microflora, can produce substances that have antibacterial activity, which prevents reproduction of candida.
Intestinal candidiasis occurs only when the immune system is unable to prevent growth of these organisms, and they are presented in large amount. These microorganisms are kind of yeast fungus Candida. There are more than 170 varieties of this microorganisms. These fungi can be located virtually everywhere: in the soil, fruit and vegetables, in any household stuff and, accordingly, in the human body.

Symptoms of the disease.

The main symptoms of intestinal candidiasis manifest as diarrhea, enhanced gas production in the intestine, the liquid stool consistency with the presence of white flakes in it. Possible spasm attacks in the stomach and intestines after eating.

Causes of disease

Intestinal candidiasis often occurs after prolonged antibiotic treatment and manifests as diarrhea and bloating. Very strong immune systems can be damaged by smoking and alcohol consumption. The results are irritation of the intestines and disbacteriosis.
Very often candidiasis diagnose in humans suffering from cancer, allergic diseases, severe infections, diabetes, congenital immunodeficiency’s, and physiological problems.
Also, the cause of intestinal candidiasis may be unbalanced diet, with lack of necessary minerals, vitamins and proteins. Mostly, old peoples, children and pregnant women affected by intestinal candidiasis.

Our candida cleanse program

Our Candida cleanse program is based on the most recent discoveries in microbiology, traditional medicine, alternative medicine and homeopathy. We were able to select only the most effective components of treatment and ruled questionable.
The main elements of our candida cleanse program:

  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Diet ajastments
  • Parasite check and cleansing
  • Stress Management
  • Probiotics
  • Supplements
  • Colon Hydrotherapy treatments
  • Enemas

Candida can lead to very serious problems for your health.

Take a Candida cleanse program in a timely manner. Do not ignore the serious problems associated with the Candida.