Liver cleanse (flush) program

In our centre, we invented one of the most safest and effective programs for a liver flush (cleanse).

What is a liver and what are its functions?

The liver is a human organ which is a part of the digestive system. It has a few different functions, which include digesting, detoxification and, synthesis of some vitamins and proteins. One of the most important functions is digestion. The liver produces biochemically active enzymes as a component of the bile. It is playing an important role in a fat (lipids) and protein digestion. The liver is responsible for up to 100 functions and if it’s not doing even one of them, acute health condition or even death might occur.

When is the time for a liver cleansed?

The symptoms are: a pain in the right upper part of the abdomen, feeling of fullness, chronic gas, bloating or other symptoms of indigestion, poor skin conditions(as a acne,psoriasis,eczema), memory issues, depression, constipation, IBS may be caused by toxic (sluggish, fatty) liver. In most cases it is possible to prevent or even treat the liver. Very important, do not mislead the problem at the beginning when the liver flush (cleanse) can completely reverse the toxic liver condition.

What is a liver cleanse?

The liver cleanse is a program that includes a few different stages. First of all, before the actual cleanse begins, the patient needs to follow a two-week personal diet plan, supported by specific supplements and herbs. Next stage of liver cleanse considers a few colonic irrigations. Colon is a big part of the digestive system that removes toxic materials out of the body. Colon cleanse, as a part of a liver flush, is a necessary procedure. The last part of a liver cleanse is an actual liver flush that is supervised by your health practitioner. In our centre we make an individual liver cleanse program which makes the process of the liver flush maximum effective and helps prevent any possible side effects.

Who is a potential client for a liver cleansing?

Anyone above 18 years of age can do a liver flush. It is a safe and effective procedure. A clean liver helps maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It prevents many severe health conditions.

Please contact us for a further information about liver flush (cleanse). And remember,your health in your hands!